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Off By Heart Design

Healing Hand, Chunky Knit Wheelchair Blankets

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Hand-knit and made with love. These blankets are the stress relief and healing comfort we all need during this time. Winter is coming and it’s time to get cozy!

custom order requests available!

Colours may vary depending on your monitor or phone screen settings and brightness. All are handmade with love. 

100% polyester 

Size lap blanket approx 25" x 35"

**Will include an extra piece of yarn so you can loop the blanket and tie it around your waist and your ankles so it doesn't get lost on windy days.

You can use your HandiCup through the blanket without ruining it as well!

Check out to see more about this amazing wheelchair cup holder!


Wash in water (not exceeding 86F/30C) at a delicate setting. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low heat, at a delicate setting. Do not iron or press. Do not dry clean. Recommended to be put in a laundry bag if you have one and don't wash with anything that has buttons or clips. Wash separately.