Save Your Best Friends Business.

Save Your Best Friends Business.

 we're better together - off by heartSmall businesses flourish because of you. They are created because your best friend has a passion and talent for something in a specific industry. It could be your mom, sister, dad, brother, cousin, or a neighbour. The point is, the person that owns the small business, also plays a big part in many people’s lives.

These business owners dedicate countless hours at their shops, not to mention the 1000’s of hours behind the scenes to make sure they’re able to share their passion with you on a level that is perfect to them.

Heart, soul, tears, and so much more has been poured into a small business.

It is at this time, that we ask you to continue to support these superstars in a time when the help is needed the most.

What it means to support someone means that they can continue to keep their dream, hard work, and dedication to continue during this time of social distancing and self isolation. It means that their dreams can live on to help you enjoy the thing that brings them the most joy in the world. This allows families to continue to be fed and continue to live with a roof over their head. This allows for employee’s to keep their jobs so they too can continue to feed their families, pay their rent, and keep a roof over their head.

It is a difficult time for humanity, there is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear in the unknown, but if you can afford to support someone in need, this is the time to do it.

How can you help with a small purchase?

1. If you have a gym membership and can afford the monthly payment, keep them going.
2. If you need groceries, visit your local grocer before heading to the big name shops.
3. If you cannot celebrate a birthday with someone, buy them something from a Main Street, or small shop to send in the mail.
4. If you can buy a gift card to use at a future date, even $25 will go a long way.

How can you help with no purchase?

1. Leave a Google review.
2. Leave a recommendation on Facebook.
3. Like their posts on social media, share them and leave a comment.
4. Take a photo of something you have purchased in the past, tag them and remind everyone how great that item was that you bought!


Feel free to share this photo and if you copy the writing above, it's just under the maximum character count for an Instagram or Facebook post! Make sure to tag me @offbyheartdesign in any photo shares and I will make sure to like, follow and comment on your post!

Let's spread some love and support during this uncertain time!


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