The Power of Socializing on Social Media

The Power of Socializing on Social Media

Q: How do you socialize during a time of social distancing?

A: Be present on social media.

There are many pros and cons to being on the world wide web, but the pros far outweigh the cons at this point.

Your digital presence is your method of communicating everything you are doing behind the scenes and updates to your business. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t tell your customers or clients if you are open, closed, launching a new product or implementing the appropriate and required social distancing methods in your store. That’s why you need your own media outlet. Use your social profiles to help spread your news and update your most loyal fans! Hopefully, you’ll find new fans in the process!

Instagram has implemented so many amazing features to help small businesses, especially during this time. Their paid ads have helped you reach your target audience before they even found you and now they have implemented even more amazing and FREE features.

The instagram story now has stickers that allow you to have customers buy gift cards, order their meal and even if you don’t have 10 000 followers, but have an e-commerce store you can add your shop link to your story!

Digital marketing has been the new wave for a few years, but now, if you don’t have a digital store front where will anyone find you?

I realize this post is preaching to the choir that’s already begun singing, but if you know someone that’s been thinking about joining the digital world, let them know it’s a great decision!

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