The best baby rocker chair!

The best baby rocker chair!

This is the best baby rocker chair! It's a perfect addition to maintaining a boho chic interior while having a practical baby chair. As a new mom we all know how cluttered our cozy decor can get, so why not make your kids accessories match your decor instead of getting something that will stick out like a sore thumb!

My motto is the best things in life are cozy and I can tell you this chair is so cozy! I haven't sat in it myself (LOL I exceed the 20lb weight capacity) but I can tell you from the design and how much my son loves it that it is definity cozy!

What I like about this rocker is that is has a support for his bum and the area that straps him in is pretty lose but secure. I was using a different rocker chair that had the strap in part being the main support and when I would change his diaper I noticed that everything down there was getting way to squished! This Tiny Love boho chic rocker chair allows for room but keeps him secure in place. 

There are a few other features that are great with this rocker. First, you can actually stabilize it with built in feet, so you can have baby stable in the chair and not rocking if you want to introduce feeding while baby is in this chair. Second, there are three different angles baby can be in. There is a lever at the back top of this chair that allows you to adjust the angle. Third and final, the insert and cover are so easy to remove and throw in the washing machine to take care of any accidents, spit up or drool that may get onto the chair while baby is using it.

I'll link my video review here as well so you can see how great it is and how Hudson enjoys it! I can't believe I'm only starting this blog now, he is already 4 months old but this is going to be a super fun journey! 

Thanks for reading and here is the link to buy your own Tiny Love Boho Chic rocker chair .




Tiny Love boho chic rocker chair for babies with muted colours and a cute koala toy arch

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