About My Art

About My Art

Some people might be thinking, ok, what does social media management have to do with clothing and crayons?

Well! I'll start with this. Before I was in social media management, I worked as an account manager in the event rental world. I had a 9-5 job, which was usually more like a 9:30-7:30pm job, and when I got home I needed to express myself. My work in the office was great, but it was a lot of order entry and phone calls, with little to no creativity.

One day I saw online that everyone was creating these crayon melt art pieces, and I thought they were SO cool! I needed some art for my very plain walls and thought I could add some colour by adding these crayon melting art pieces to my world. 

Everyone was creating the standard, straight across, rainbow design with the melted wax either pointing up or down and that was it! My first design was obviously the same as everyone else because I was following the "do it yourself" technique, which was really just copying everyone else.

Then I got thinking! (It's a miracle, I know!) Why do I have to make these crayons in a straight line and why do I have to stick to the rainbow colour selection?

This is what started my "out of the box" designs. I'll have to find pictures of my very first works, but for this post, I thought I would share what my actual creations were and why the clothing you can now purchase is so heavily based on these two designs.

Pastel crayon melt design                Pink and Blue crayon melt art design

So, my work was originally Crayola crayons glued to a canvas and melted down to create these beautiful and colourful abstract designs! I was then blessed to have a professional photographer believe in me and photograph my art. So, the pattern designs you see on these clothing items are all from the original creations of art. They really bring me joy, and I wanted a way to share these with the world, so I hope if you choose to purchase an item that every time you look at it and wear it that it brings joy and smiles each and every time.

Thank you to everyone that has been my supporter through my journey over the last few years, and everyone that is supporting me now and I can't wait to see what the future will bring!

Sending love and positivity always!



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