A Social Media Manager that loves your business as much as you do.

Off By Heart Design: "A Social Media Manager that loves your business as much as you do."

Social Media is a must in 2020 and it is never going away. If you do not have an Instagram account or a Facebook account your credibility drops to anyone with a smartphone (so... we're talking 2-year-olds all the way to 85-year-olds and maybe even 90-year-olds). 

My goal is to teach you how Instagram works, and get your business set up so your clients, customers, friends, and family can keep up to date with all the excitement that is going on in your world. I am here to help teach you and build your online community. 

The years that you have already put into building your brand and business will now be displayed online!

Side note: I actually wrote this post in 2018, and it has taken me two years to start my first blog post. There is a lot of truth in "the shoemakers shoes always need the most work." This year I have decided to work on my own content and make sure I stay current and up to date. So check back here to see my up and coming blogs!

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see on here as well and I will do my best to tailor it to your interests.

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