Types of Instagram Accounts: Which one you should use and why!?

Types of Instagram Accounts: Which one you should use and why!?

There are three types of accounts, but you’ll notice four text boxes in this post and I will explain why.


  1. Personal - for those that want to just have fun on the platform but are not using it for any business or monetary purpose. Instagram was never meant to be anything more than sharing instant pictures with friends and family, so some people have stuck to the original use.
  2. Business - using the platform as a marketing tool and/or wish to have shopping set up directly in the app. This is the most professional option out of the account types to run a business. This account also lets you have directions to your business, and extra contact points, such as e-mail or call buttons on your profile.
  3. Creator - best for influencers, public figures and all types of content creators. This one is the newest account types and it offers a nice separation from personal or business accounts. You also have flexible profile controls and can choose to hide or display category into and contact buttons.


Private. The reason this one is there is because if you are trying to help a friend or a small business and want to tag them or share your content if your account is private this actually limits any value your share, post, tag, or story brings to them.

If your account is private, no one can see your content if they aren’t following you. This means the exposure you’re trying to get for the business or influencer won’t get very far. It is totally up to you to have your personal account private or public, but it’s also good to understand the impact it could have if it is set to public rather than keeping it private. Again, totally up to you and what you want to do, just want to make sure everyone has all the facts!



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